Kemi is a goddess from the rich, wild, lands the Kurfu River delta, and a beloved member of the Council of the Sun God. Originally Feywild royalty, she is the patron of the desert cats that make the Kurfu riverbed their home. She was an early ally of the sun god Sul due to their mutual hatred of of the Outer Gods and other denzines of the Far Realms. She has become a cherished goddess of the highly agricultural Naftu Empire because of the role her cats play in preserving grain and protecting farmers from vermin and pests.

True to her Feywild origins, she is a capricious, self-indulgent, aloof, and mischevious goddess who can be difficult to appease or petition. She shows little interest in long-term plans or visions, and is far more content to deal with her immediate environment and needs. Despite this, she is well-loved by the Naftu peasants because her desires contribute significantly to their quality of life. Her priestesses can not only provide ample safeguards to protect farmers’ grain stores, but they often sponsor self-indulgent activities—sumptuous meals, naked baths, and sensual grooming—that are popular among the common man.


Kemi almost always appears as a human woman with the head of a desert cat, although on rare occassion she appears as a massive, midnight-black cat. Much like her totem animal, she is long-limbed, graceful, and immacuately groomed. Her wealth and comfort is always apparent—she dresses in fine, thin, luxurious silks, and prefers to be reclining if at all possilble. When angry, she undergoes a subtle transformation, where her nails, teeth, and ears grow sharp and her muscles tense, revealing a terrible beauty.

Farmers, Hunters, and Fishermen

While not a goddess of fretility and agriculture like Mafaune or Kamas, Kemi is still closely tied with the Naftu agricultural system. She is a dilligent hunter and mouser who serves to protect grain reserves from rodents and vermin that would consume it. She is also a patron of hunters and fishermen, as the Kurfu desert cats are well known for their dilligent pursuit of both mice and fish. As a result, many people provide food and housing for desert cats and maintain small personal shrines to Kemi in their homes and fields. She is also a popular totem for Amulets, as peddlers claim they can bestow fertility, luxory, and protection on the wearer.


Kemi displays a tireless with cleanliness, and is often showing grooming herself like her patron animal. As a result, many of her temples double as bath houses that provide an affordable opportunity for common people to meet and bathe as a community. However, he obesession goes beyond personal cleanliness, as Kemi will not suffer any unclean thing to live. She will direct vicious energy to both the eradication of vermin in the secular world and abominations beyond it. Legend has it that when Kemi defeated the Aboleth Vul-Hakthor, it took four full cycles of the moon for him to die, and that the cat goddess is the only being of our world that has heard an Aboleth beg. She also has a vicious hatred for Kukuriki, and there is open war between the two despite Sul’s acceptence of the frog goddess.


Much like her patron animals, Kemi is a deeply self-indulgent goddess, and she encourages similar behavior among her devout as well. She loves rich meals, fine clothes, pampering, and grooming, and all of these activities are part of her services—making her quite popular with her working-class worshipers. Sometime, Kemi is confused for a very sexual goddess, but she does not stand out among either The Noble Fey or the Council of the Sun King as such. While her love of pleasure may lead her to many a bedroom, this indulgence makes up only a fraction of her thirsts compared with napping, eating, and the hunt.


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