People and Nations

The lands around the Mithril Sea are a primitive and savage place that is only barely tamed by the empires of mankind. A few young nations and races maintain fragile bulwarks against tides of savage orcs, howling undead, skulking goblins, lawless brigands, and monstrous beasts. For these few, peace, order, and safety are maintained only though constant vigilance and exceptional prowess. However, these nations are proving resilient, and their citizens are beginning to prosper and bring order to this wild land.

Naftu Empire

The largest and most active nation is the Naftu Empire‚Äďa theocracy of Human and Dwarven tomb builders living around the Kurfu River Valley. The Naftu consider themselves half-divine, with a holy mission to purge the world of chaos and usher in an era of safety and security. To this end, they have developed impressively enlightened systems for agriculture, construction, transportation, and justice, which benefit Naftu of all walks of life. However, they have a reputation for being arrogant and cruel towards lawbreakers and outsiders.

Mulhondi Tribes

Once a loose-knit collection of Human tribes that settled around the Al-Mulhond Basin, these people have become a more organized nation in the last hundred years. Modern Mulhondi are a festive and welcoming people, but their culture is still rich with blood feuds, tribal politics, raiding, and lawlessness. While many make a fine living producing luxury goods like perfumes, dates, honey, incense, and silks, their reputation is still blemished among the more civilized peoples.

The Emerald Court

While most of the Fey are secretive and aggressive towards outsiders, the Elves of the Emerald Court deign to keep contact with the people of the Mithril Sea. Their homeland in the Emerald Isles, most of which is off-limits to non-Fey, is an arboreal paradise rich with wild food and game. The Elves, longest-lived of the mortal races, are exceptional artisans, scholars, and adventurers. They also know it, and many Elves that live among the short-lived do little to integrate themselves.

Traveling Folk

A race without a homeland, the Halflings of the Mithril Sea maintain a nomadic society. Quick-witted, likeable, and cheerful, the Travelers are accepted, if not welcomed, by all three nations. Most make a living trading small, valuable items and serving as couriers for the other larger nations. They are also invaluable gossip-mongers and newsmen, and many administrators and diplomats rely the Travelers to keep abreast of current events.

People and Nations

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