The king of the Council of the Sun God and the patron deity of the Naftu Empire, Sul is undeniably the most powerful god of the Mithril Sea. He wears many hats, but first among them is a soldier’s helm—he is a war god and the champion of the Dawn War, and he is bent on the destruction of the Primordials and the Outer Gods. Sul’s Journey is the cornerstone of the Naftu mysteries, and the Naftu machine believes bringing order to this world helps the patron on his daily struggle in the world beyond. Sul’s secondary roles are many and varied, as he is viewed as the father of agriculture, a masterful diplomat, the traveller and opener of ways, and the patron of administration. Each of these is bound to an Aspect of Sul, a set of five symbols—sword, sun disk, the serpent, falcon, and the staff—which represent the virtues of Sul.

In the mundane world, Sul is one of the most distaint gods, as his daily obligations are simply too imporant to concede attention to the day-to-day administration of his empire. Priests of Sul answer almost entirely to his chief lieutenant Kamas, who sits on the sun god’s throne in the day while Sul makes his journey. Few even among the Council of the Sun God can say that have the ear of the leader, and Sul primarily only interacts with his bodyguard Haketh and his chief councillers Oeth and Ankheteth. Only the most important matters among men or gods are put before the patron.


Sul is not one god, but many fused together, and he has many different avatars as a result. The most well-known, however, is the falcon-headed war god, bearing the Sun Crown on his head, and wielding the staff and the sword. He is also known as The Opener of Ways—a wizened old man bedecked in royal atire and bearing a magical travelling staff—when referencing his role as a traveller or a fronteersman of the sacred world. Regardless of his form, Sul has a powerful presence, and is always depicted in art as taller than any other god or being on his plane.

Founder of Order

Sul is a peer to the Primordials—he is an elemental being born from the chaos and insanity at The Beginning of Time. Unlike his brothers and sisters, however, he is not a servant of Chaos, but instead one of its most powerful enemies. Amonst the gods, he has been an empire-builder, pursuing alliances and friendships with many gods, and uniting them in the Council of the Sun God. The Naftu believe that he is nothing less that the creator of order, the founder and maintainer of day, and the master of administration. Within the empire, he has championed detailed history keeping, careful administration of grain and resources, and comprehensive and just legal systems. His priests and followers (divine and secular) maintain these systems as an act of devotion, as they quite rightly believe that this bolsters Sul in his affairs in the world beyond.

Champion of the Dawn War

Sul does not just champion order in the civic world—he is military and strategic genius behind the battlefield of Law and Chaos on the most epic scale. He strives to root out agents of change in the Elemental Chaos and the Far Realms and destroy them. He has personally slain two Primordials: Zar, the Stifling Wind and Amassa, the Water Serpent. More importantly, he understands the sinister agenda of the Outer Gods, and led a campaign to imprison the Great Old One Aragothor deep beneath the Shark’s Teeth. He is a powerful military figure, and his adventures and accomplishments give him significant credibility as the most powerful being in the Mithril Sea.

Absent Ruler


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