The lands around the Mithril Sea are arid and savage: equal parts paradise and wasteland, where expanses of loose, nutrient poor sand and stone are peppered with fertile rivers and lush oasis. To the north-east, a powerful Human-Dwarven alliance toils endlessly under their rigid sun-kings, erecting monuments and tending fields along the Kurfu river. To the south-west, a fractious collection of Human city-states share a tenuous relationship with savage Fey in the foothills of the Twilight Mountains. To the south, the capricious and debauched Elves of the Emerald Isles hold court, watching and judging the world around them. Outside of these empires, savagery and chaos reign supreme, and threaten constantly to destroy everything mankind holds dear. Will these civilized nations endure, or will the dark forces of this brutal world prevail?

This site describes the current state of a campaign world that I have used for my D&D games for the last 10 or so years. You should check out the wiki to see the growing body of documents describing the world.

Mithril Sea